What makes Hostgator the best web host?

The Hostgator web hosting is one of the leading service providers when it comes to web hosting. It was established in the year 2002 and has expanded the service to all over the globe. Hostgator has such a good reputation that more than 2.5 million websites depend on Host Gator hosting for hosting their requirements and it has received several awards as well. A Texas based company, Gator Host has strived hard to revamp the business and make its presence felt in the globe.

Why to choose HostGator web hosting?


HostGator is the pioneer in providing excellent service catering to the needs of companies all over the globe. It not only provides dedicated servers but also hosts the resellers and service through internet. It has already hosted so many services to different companies that require building online reputation and reaching people through the internet. The quality of work and service is just commendable. Hostgator has built strong reputation and trust in the globe. These days it is gaining popularity because of the prestigious Inc 5000 Awards. This award has proved that they are doing a commendable service all across the world through the online medium.

Highly Reliable Server

It has been seen that the HostGator website hosting service has never succumbed to a break down or run down. It is essential that the website owners and the operators should master the downtime. This is because all the online sites always relate to the downtime. Most of the companies are not in a better position to endure the downtime. But it is seen that HostGator website hosting assures the customers 100% guarantee. The services always come with a guarantee in uptime. Also Hostgator offers a 45-day refund or gives assurance to the customers for guarantee on the money-back. It has never failed the expectation of the customers. This clearly indicates and shows the confidence of the company and the abilities to provide its customers the advantage of web hosting. Click here for more details on Hostgator technology and performance.

Greater Storage and Bandwidth

The HostGator web hosting provides a lot of disk storage facilities and bandwidth to the customers. This ensures that the website would be more used in the future. You can avail all the services at a very affordable cost. The packages are very flexible and will suit your requirement. The greater storage space for the disk will help you to post and share more files, videos and audios in your own site. Apart from this the unlimited MySQL application has made it more popular among the customers. Other web hosting sites allow you with limited usage of MySQL. Some charge for this as well. You can avail the unlimited MySQL database which will help you to establish huge web application for your company.

So it’s time for you to decide what you need to choose for your web application. If you have already decided upon the function and usage, HostGator web hosting will make a huge difference for your company. You can find the best Hostgator Promo Code on this website. Check this out for upto 50% off Hostgator sales and promotions. Host Gator offers dedicated and shared hosting services all over the world. This will help you promote and aggrandize your business in a better way. Apart from shared hosting, your current web sites can be upgraded to the VPS hosting plans. This will help you to cope up well when there is a need to do so.

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